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¡Bosami FTW!

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¡Bosami FTW!

Mensaje por Jason Todd el Miér Sep 18, 2013 5:58 pm

Bueno, recientemente, en mi afán de intentar shippear (hagan de cuenta que la palabra existe XD) Boleska, me di cuenta que no era para mí, por lo que descubrí Bosami... y, los dejo con el tema Bosami xD. Como ya habrán inducido, Bosami es Bolin + Asami.
Primero comenzamos con unas cuantas imágenes:

Bosami - Notice Me:

Crazy Talk:

Boyfriend (Bosami):

Bosami - Careless:

Too cute to resist:

Metalbender Bolin:

Todas las imágenes que encuentre/encontré de Bosami están aquí: Bosami Favourites

Y, en caso de que a alguien le interese...

Listado de FanFictions:

Why Don't We Just Dance?: After Asami has lost everything, Bolin helps her to smile again. Bosami friendship.

Dreams: Fear comes alive in dreams. Bosami.

Breather: Asami, overwhelmed by everything that has happened, agrees to let Bolin "take her out". Bosami. Oneshot.

Starlight: A contribution to Bosami week (that was forever ago).

Fresh Air: Asami and Bolin go for a walk in Republic City. Bosami fluff!

Hard Knocks: Bolin joins the Metalbending police force. Mild Bosami.

Hero: Today, he was her hero. Today, she also realizes who he is to her. Bosami. Post finale, Bosami one shot.

Anytime: Mako tells Bolin about him and Korra, so Asami tries to comfort Bolin. A bit of Bosami.

Comfort: Bolin comforts Asami after she breaks up with Mako. Bosami.

First: Prompted. Asami tells Bolin she loves him for the first time. Bosami.

Perfectly Unexpected: Bolin thought he would never care about a girl more than he cared about Korra. But love isn't always cut and dry, and sometimes fate just likes to have a laugh. A short take on how Bolin and Asami could fall for each other. One-Shot. Bosami.

Frustration: As Asami tries to get over the shocking discovery of her father, Bolin is there to comfort her in any means necessary. Rated M for Bosami smut.

Meant to Be: Bolin decides to bring Asami out to the fair. I apologize I suck at summaries. Major Pairing: Bosami. Slight Makorra. Better inside.

Picking up the Pieces: Now she needed someone else to lean on. She needed someone firm, a steadfast and loyal friend. And Bolin knew he could provide that for her. He could be her rock. Bosami friendship, missing scene for "Endgame."

Tipping Point: Every Saturday afternoon, Asami would lock herself in her room and cry. And for the longest time, no one knew about it. Until one day, Bolin finds out, and comforts her. Just a fluffy Bosami one-shot which suddenly came to my mind.

Ink Stains: "Forty-three? How in the Four Nations does one manage to score a forty-three on a two page essay?" Bolin's studying for his Metalbending Police badge. Asami helps. Bosami.

Flowers of Love: Bolin shows Asami he likes her in a different way. short and sweet. ONE-SHOT. Bosami. R&R PLEASE!

Beautiful, Gorgeous, Perfect: Bolin realizes his feelings for his brother's ex-girlfriend just as she figures out just what she's missing. Bosami Bolin/Asami, implied Makorra Mako/Korra.

Perfect like Us: "You drive like a brilliant maniac, you fight for good, you run a whole company, and you look stunning while doing all of it. Seriously, your hair always looks all flow-y and amazing. If that's not perfect, I don't know what is." Bolin comforts Asami when she's feeling down. Bosami oneshot!

Midnight Memories: Bosami one-shot. When the night reaches its highest peak and when the shine of the moon is its brightest, unexpected visits become unforgettable memories that not only were remembered at midnight, but will be remembered forever.

Pabu becomes a matchmaker: Bosami. Pabu runs to Asami's room in the middle of the night and is shortly followed by Bolin. Smut later, I swear.

Fresh Air: Asami and Bolin go for a walk in Republic City. Bosami fluff!

A New Day Dawning: Short sequel to my Bosami fic, "Fresh Air". Can be read on its own or in sequence. Warning: May contain fluff. Enjoy!

Right there next to me: Bolin and Asami realize their feelings after the finale. Audio

Changes: Sequel to "Right there next to me." Audio

Nótese que rellené las mejores, o, en este caso, mis favoritos, con verde para futuras referencias (?, y, realmente les recomiendo Comfort que es sinceramente el mejor escrito, bien estructurado y expectacularmente caracterizado de todos, se puede sentir que son ellos, es realmente muy bueno, en mi segundo lugar estaría Starlight que está también realmente bien hecho y es muy adorable Smile.
Me obsesioné un poco con esta ship, sí, pero es demasiado buena y ya quiero leer más fics, en el lado oscuro, creo que Byrke tiró abajo el canon de Bosami, aunque todavía tengo esperanzas, pero sino, fuck canon xD. Aún así, realmente espero ver más de Asami porque es mi personaje preferida de LOK, y ver a ella y Bolin como amigos tampoco estaría mal, no puedo esperar a los demás caps. y espero se centren no sólo en Korra y Mako...
Bueno, termina el epílogo aquí, si llegaste hasta acá te felicito mucho jajajja, voy a ir actualizándo el índice con cosas si me agarra tiempo libre y ganas jaja.



Jason Todd

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